Short-Term Listings

Do you need a vacation?  Check out our short term rentals available by the night, week, or month.  All our short term rentals come equipped with furniture, furnishings and a host to make your time spent with us memorable. 

Cozy One Bedroom Apartment Near Wentworth Stairs

$50 per night


1 Queen Bed  •  1 Bath  •  Separate Entrance

3-5 Cumberland Avenue, Hamilton, ON


Front of this century home has tons of beauty and character

Experience the Arts & Crafts style of Frank Loyd Wright

Starting at $80 per night (First 2 Guests)

1 King Bed  •  1 Double Beds •  Bath

1-20 Maplewood Avenue, Hamilton, ON

Coming November, 2020

Starting at $99 per night

1-4 Guests  •  2 Queen Beds  •  1 Bath

1-29 West Avenue North, Hamilton, ON

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