A La Carte Pricing

Property Management requires many skillsets.  You probably didn’t realize going into it that you need to be an accountant, a lawyer, a sales person, a marketing person, a trades person, and above all, need to be detail oriented, document everything, and have strong relationship management skills.

And lets face it.  No one is good at all those skills.  So why not hire R&B to fill the gaps.  That is exactly what A-La-Carte was designed to do.

Do you struggle with numbers?

 Have us collect all rents (2%) and pay all bills (1%).  For just 3% of the rent roll we do all your bookkeeping and accounting for you.  And we even help you with your finances when you hit a pot hole and have an unexpected vacancy right before the furnace dies.  We will keep paying your bills whether the funds are available or not.

Maybe you need help with trades?

R&B can perform emergency maintenance (1%), regular maintenance (1%), or both.

Bad at legal?

Hire R&B to perform all your LTB notices and filings.  Even represent you at the Tribunal or Small Claims for a small fee in comparison to most ParaLegals.  By the way, this is included at no charge if we are already collecting the rents for you.

See below for a list of services and their associated pricing.  If you need two or more, no worry, the percentages are additive.


Leasing Fees 3%

Otherwise known as finding a new tenant. 

Is your property vacant or coming vacant soon. R&B Properties can help you find the best tenant at the best rent. We utilize intensive advertising to get your unit rented and our due diligence services are second to none. So good that we are prepared to guarantee your rents, see above for more details.


Collecting Rents including dealing with all LTB matters 2%

Providing automated payment processing for tenants via PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) or EMT (eMail Money Transfer). We collect your rents from all sources and provide you with the necessary reports and cash transfers in one combined payment directly into your bank account.  And when tenants don’t pay for any reason, R&B will manage the collection process including giving good tenants a grace period, but otherwise issuing N4’s, L1 Applications, and provide all required Legal Representation at the LTB. 

 Additional fees that are charged directly to the tenant may apply in order to keep your costs down.


Regular Maintenance 1%

R&B will take all the call from your tenants during the regular work day.  All Service Requests will be prioritized and trades dispatched as needed.  Where possible, multiple requests will be bundled together to save costs.  Maintenance services also includes a basic inspection every 6 months.  Detailed inspections may be requested for an additional fee.


Emergency Maintenance After Hours 1%

Our emergency maintenance services takes our maintenance services, described above, and extends it to a 24×7, 365 days in the year coverage.  Let’s face it, when the furnace dies, it is never Monday morning.  Now your tenants are covered.


Document Management 1%

Storing everything electronically for the day when the CRA knocks on your door.

If R&B is paying all bills as above, we can also provide complete document management services.  Ever wonder what happens if CRA calls and wants to do an audit?  You need to have all your paperwork at your fingertips.  With R&B’s Document Management Systems, we have you covered.


Paying Bills 1%

R&B will pay all bills including mortgage, property taxes, insurance, PM Charges, Utilities, and Trades.  When bill payment is coupled with rent collections, essentially we are doing all your bookkeeping for you.  At the end of the year we can even have a third party accountant provide you with your Statement of Rental Income for CRA.

When you have R&B Properties paying all your bills, we also can negotiate huge buying power and get savings on Trades, Insurance, and Suppliers.  All of these savings are passed on to you directly.

Another benefit of having R&B Properties pay your bills, when the property balance is not available, R&B will provide necessary funds to ensure all bills are paid on time and in full.  No more worrying about your cashflow and what if a tenant skips a month of rent.  We have you covered.

 This service also includes tracking or shared utility costs.  If you are running a duplex, triplex, or larger, you should be having your tenants pay all your utilities.  Not sure how to do this, no worry, we can help.  And when we perform bill payments we will track utility charges and bill back all those costs to your tenants.


Rental Guarantee 3%

R&B pays your rent for up to 6 months while we deal with all LTB matters and have the tenant evicted.  Requires R&B finding the tenant and collecting rents. 

If R&B is collecting rents and R&B has provided Leasing Services, we will guarantee your rents.  This means if rent is not collected for any reason, R&B will pay the rent owing to you, for up to 6 months, while we evict the tenant and find you a new one.

Simply pick what services you want R&B to provide and we will provide you with a Contract tailored to your needs.  In determining final price, please note all percentages are based on the total rent roll at the property.  Selecting more than one A-La-Carte Service is totally acceptable, simply add the percentages up to determine your total cost for Property Management Services.

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