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Find exactly the Vacation Rentals​, Furnished Listings & Long-Term rental, that suits your needs.

Vacation Rentals

Our hosts understand you are on vacation and we work hard to make sure everything is perfect. And the price you see on our calendar is our final price. No hidden fees.

Furnished Listings

Whether your builder or realtor have left you homeless due to missed deadlines, or insurance is moving you out while work is being done to your home, R&B is here to help.

Long-term Rentals

Looking for a new place to call home.  Tenants at R&B Properties are treated like family. Why not check out our available listings or contact us with your specific requirements.

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Vacation Rentals

Check out our short term rentals available by the night, week, or month.  All our short term rentals come equipped with furniture, furnishings and a host.

Furnished Listings

We have many units available to meet your needs. Why not check out our inventory and furnished homes, or email us a list of your requirements.

Long-Term Rentals

Looking for a new place to call home? Tenants at R&B Properties are treated like family! WE have a variety of Long Term Rentals for you to choose from.

“I have been a client of R&B Properties for 2 years, and they are actively managing my triplex in Hamilton. I have been very pleased with R&B properties, and view them as a partner in my investment journey. I am especially impressed with their options available for managing properties such as the Lease Guarantee which is a unique proposition that helps put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend R&B properties for managing your RE investments.”

Raheel Baig

R&B has been managing our Hamilton property for about two years now, and so far we’ve been pleased with their professionalism. I particularly appreciate the excellent communication and work from Gunter, their maintenance coordinator. They have earned our trust, and that says something about a company. I would recommend going with R&B for their property management services.

Debbie Chan

R&B Properties is looking after 2 properties that we own. To put it simply, they allow us to sleep at night! They are the “front line” in finding, interviewing and selecting tenants. They offer services to do maintenance and repairs and, when needed, answer emergency calls for anything critical. Without R&B Properties and the quality of service they offer, we would not invest in properties as we are doing now.”

Daniel Larocque

New To Becoming an R&B Properties Tenant?

Tenants at R&B Properties are treated like family.  Check out some of the key benefits with R&B.

Lawn & Snow

At R&B we do all the lawn and snow on our multi-family units so you don’t have to.  Just sit back and enjoy.

Maintenance 24/7

We have crews and contractors available to resolve any concern.  24×7.  No waiting until Monday Morning to have someone look at the heat, or to fix a plumbing leak.



We know that there are more bad landlords then there are tenants.  We know the laws.  And we follow them.


Wide Range

Did you know we have Short Term Rentals ready for you to take a vacation?  Mid – Term Rentals if the needs come up.  We even provide Rent to Own Programs for our tenants.

Treated Like Family

Our staff are trained to treat you like family. To treat you as they would want to be treated. 

Changing times

We know sometimes things change. Maybe it’s a new member of the family joining you.  And your lease isn’t up for another 6 months.  No worries, we allow you to move anywhere within the R&B Family.  Even while on a lease.


Below are questions that have been asked by other people who are new to the tenant process. Read below and gain more insight. If your question is not here, please reach out to us, we are here to help!

What if something comes up and we need some extra time to pay our rent?

We know that sometimes things happen.  Unexpected expenses or a cutback at work.  We are here to work with you and develop a payment plan we can all live with.

My current Landlord wants us out by the end of the month but our lease starts on the first?

No worries.  We understand the complexities of moving.  We work with our tenants who are moving out and in most cases we can have them moved out by 2PM, so you are able to move in right afterwards.  In the most difficult of cases we have short term rentals where you can stay the night.

My credit is terrible and no one will accept my application?

Again, no worries.  We understand that Credit Scores are made for financial institutions and they are used to determine if you can handle more credit.  In this case you are not asking for more credit, simply a place to live.  Of far more importance to us is your income levels, employment history, and what your previous landlords have to say.

What do you look for in an application?

As we stated above, we are most interested in your employment and landlord history.  We do take a holistic approach to reviewing your application so we do look at everything before making a decision.

How are emergency maintenance requests handled?

Emergencies are usually items like heat, plumbing, and electrical.  But they can also cover safety and security items as well.  Our crew have a rotation system they work off of.  Everyone takes their turn handling the emergency line.  All calls that come in are evaluated based on their urgent nature and may be addressed immediately, next day, or next business day depending on the severity.

COntact Us

Reach out to us for more information or to have any of your questions answered by one of our team members!