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I have been a client of R&B Properties for 2 years, and they are actively managing my triplex in Hamilton. I have been very pleased with R&B properties, and view them as a partner in my investment journey. I am especially impressed with their options available for managing properties such as the Lease Guarantee which is a unique proposition that helps put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend R&B properties for managing your RE investments.

~Raheel Baig

R&B Properties is looking after 2 properties that we own. To put it simply, they allow us to sleep at night! They are the “front line” in finding, interviewing and selecting tenants. They offer services to do maintenance and repairs and, when needed, answer emergency calls for anything critical. Without R&B Properties and the quality of service they offer, we would not invest in properties as we are doing now

~Daniel Larocque