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The Top 3 Things You Should Know Before Renting a House or Apartment in Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario, with its vibrant cities, picturesque landscapes, and diverse culture, is a fantastic place to live. Whether you’re considering the bustling metropolis of Toronto, the charming city of Hamilton, or the tranquil towns along the shores of Lake Ontario, renting a house or apartment here can be an exciting


However, before you sign that lease, there are a few crucial things you need to know. Here are the top three things to consider when renting a house or apartment in Southern Ontario:

1. Understand the Rental Market

The rental market in Southern Ontario can be competitive, particularly in larger cities like Toronto and Ottawa. It’s essential to understand the market dynamics before you start your search. 


Firstly, familiarize yourself with the average rental prices in your desired area. Websites like RentBoard.ca and RentCanada.com can provide useful insights. Keep in mind that prices can vary significantly depending on the location, size, and amenities of the property. 


Secondly, be aware that the rental market moves quickly. If you find a place that fits your needs and budget, you may need to act fast. However, don’t let the pressure push you into making a hasty decision.

2. Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Ontario has robust tenant protection laws, but it’s up to you to know your rights and responsibilities. The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) governs most rental agreements in Ontario. It provides protections against unjust rent increases, ensures the right to a safe and maintained property, and outlines the eviction process.


However, the RTA also outlines tenant responsibilities, such as paying rent on time, keeping the property clean, and repairing any damage caused by the tenant. Familiarize yourself with this Act to ensure you’re treated fairly and know what’s expected of you.

3. Consider the Additional Costs

Rent is just one part of the financial equation. When budgeting for your new home, remember to factor in additional costs. 


Utilities are a significant expense. Some rentals include utilities in the rent, while others do not. Make sure you know what’s included before you sign the lease. 


Remember the cost of renters’ insurance. While not always required, it’s a smart investment to protect your belongings. 


Lastly, consider the cost of parking if you have a vehicle. In larger cities, parking can be expensive and may not be included in your rent.


Renting a house or apartment in Southern Ontario can be a wonderful experience. By understanding the rental market, knowing your rights and responsibilities, and considering all the costs, you’ll be well-prepared to find your perfect home. Happy house hunting!

thumb_01_60_60Shannon Donner


“I have been a tenant with R&B for 5+ years at a few different properties.

I have had an amazing experience with them. If you treat the property like your home and take pride in it they will be responsive to your requests.


I have asked to be relocated into different units over the years as my family changes and they have always been helpful in finding just what I’m looking for


When I do have an issue that I can’t resolve I call, and my calls are answered and dealt with in a timely manner each and everytime.


Tenant/landlord relationships are tough but if you treat their property with respect they will treat you with the same respect.


It’s that easy you get out what you put in….
Give them the respect they deserve and they will do the same.


Thanks R&B for many great years.”

thumb_02_60_60 Rina Morra


“My dealings with R and B have been professional and friendly. I was especially impressed with Randy’s expertise and flexibility. The team is easy to deal with and prompt in replying.”

thumb_03_60_60 Mark L.


“Renting from R&B has been an excellent experience. They have quickly dealt with any issues that have arised and have made communication easy with numerous ways contact them.”

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